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Some of the lowest rates around
Save on your monthly premium and get more for your money

Keeping your doctor
The only health plan with M Health Fairview, Allina Health and Park Nicollet in network

Savings up to $200 a month at the grocery store
Now it’s easier to live healthy. Save big on your grocery bill for qualifying healthy foods.

Convenience care at no additional cost
Save a trip to the doctor and a copay. Get treated as often as you need to at retail clinics like MinuteClinic® or with an online visit.*

We're taking our know-how on the road. Check out our UCare Meetup Experience to find the right plan for you.

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We have plans with access to more than 32,000 clinics, doctors, hospitals and pharmacies including M Health Fairview, Allina Health and Park Nicollet. Check if your doctors are covered.

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We cover a wide range of drugs from brand name to generic. See if your prescriptions are covered.

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Most people qualify for a lower monthly premium when enrolling on MNsure. The average household saves $437 every month.

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We make it easier for you to live your healthiest life and stay up to date with your health care needs. Members can request a personalized health care action plan based on your health history, and we’ll mail you the plan to help keep you and your family on track with important exams, screenings, and vaccinations.

Health and wellness

Pamper yourself and live healthier

Save on massages, nutritionists, acupuncture, Tai Chi and more. Now it’s easier to add healthy habits to your monthly routine.

Learn a new skill

Save on eligible community education classes from anything like cooking, Spanish, dance, woodworking and yoga. Discover something new.

Save on your gym membership

Save $20 a month by attending your health club three times a week.

Insurance 101: get a refresher

Shopping for a health plan can be a challenge, and the insurance jargon doesn’t make it any easier. You just want to find the right fit for you and your family. That’s why we set out to de-complicate health plans.

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We’re here to de-complicate health care. Call or stop by with a quick question or to get help to enroll.

612-676-6606 TTY: 612-676-6810

UCare and M Health Fairview have teamed up to offer cost-effective, member-focused health plans that feature access to some of the Twin Cities’ most popular and highly regarded providers. Now you can save on your monthly premiums and have access to a convenient provider network.

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*Online and convenience care are available at no additional cost for members with copay health plans. HSA-compatible health plans require payment for online and convenience care.

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